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11.12.06 18:00

1st international test workshop in London

At Dr. Palmer's suggestion the first training workshop in English was held last weekend. In the course of a real marathon effort Dr. Weidmann imparted over the course of 11 hours the major proposals on standardising 3 therapies - mesotherapy, botulinum toxin A and fillers.

Dr. Weidmann put together a comprehensive programme covering the major internationally accepted protocols and those he drafted himself and thus met the standards he set himself. Highlights ➢ In mesotherapy there were understandable and acceptable specifications of treatment administration that can considerably simplify treatment. ➢ In his lecture on botulinum toxin A Dr. Wiedmann covered not only the upper facial area, which is nowadays treated by doctors the world over with virtually identical injection points, but the lower as well, for which he specified all the major injection points and explained them well to his audience. ➢ On fillers he gave an overview of all the relevant materials on the market with their pros and cons in specific uses. The risks of some materials and the known complications of their use were discussed too. An introduction to the major differences in hyaluronic acid types available rounded off the theory part. ➢ The comprehensive practical part was devoted to combined use of three therapies in particular. Dr. Weidmann demonstrated his technique and his audience received it positively. Feedback from listeners Mark Palmer Helena Benson


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