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14.10.06 17:52

Open letter from Dr. Michael Weidmann to the Aesthetic NETWORK membership

Dear Aesthetic NETWORK members,

We constantly receive e-mails and telephone calls from colleagues using aesthetic mesotherapy that have brought various problems involved in using this treatment form to my attention. The points criticised are summarised below.

➢ Too much background information on general mesotherapy is imparted in the training syllabi offered. Every treatment administrator needs to know the principles of mesotherapy but for those who intend to use it only aesthetically the course should be modified to include only the knowledge needed for that use. ➢ I'm constantly being told that every mesotherapy course includes the lecturer's personal formulae, often without the necessary scientific foundation. Some such formulae are so complex as to be more of a hindrance than a help in aesthetic medicine practice. Some colleagues - and my own experience confirms this - were more confused than before after such a course and abandoned mesotherapy, although in the hands of a well trained doctor it can be an effective anti-ageing treatment. ➢ The lack of standardised protocols is complained of by nearly everyone, even colleagues who've employed mesotherapy for years. I've had feedback on this from many countries. ➢ A lot of sources of error are built in by the complexity of the formulae used. In an aesthetic medicine practice it's virtually impossible for the doctor to make up the formulae personally - this has to be done by an assistant for time reasons. This is a major source of error and can have damaging effects on patients. ➢ Mesotherapy should not be considered solely by itself. It seems essential to integrate it in the overall range of treatment options as a building block - nothing more and nothing less. Without the other minimally invasive and surgical aesthetic medicine procedures the results of mesotherapy treatment can only lead to limited improvement in appearance. It first develops its full effects in combination with our other methods. I can only agree with all the points above although I myself have had great success in our practise with mesotherapy. In view of this I would like to suggest the following solutions to the problems mentioned. 1. Global standardised treatment protocols and standard formulae for specific indications need drafting and this is a major pre-condition for global use. This ought not to exclude individual changes - but only after we have created a large database. I therefore propose, in view of the successful work of the Lipolysis NETWORK, the founding of our own NETWORK to deal with the problems mentioned. 2. To achieve this general goal we should set up an expert commission to first draft such standards before same are tested by users such as ourselves in practise. 3. Whilst this expert group is at work I would volunteer to draft a preliminary version of my own standards as a training basis so that all colleagues can begin our mutual standardisation adventure from the same starting point. Training should include combination with 2 other major minimally invasive aesthetic procedures at the least. I suggest treatment with botulinum toxin A and fillers here to make combination treatment based on all 3 possible. Other procedures should then gradually be added. It's almost superfluous to say that as for lipolysis this training must be company-independent and objective although sponsors would naturally be welcome provided they accept these conditions. 4. To create an appropriate database NETWORK members should keep anonymised patient and use observation data. For this purpose it would be essential to develop the necessary data recording means to ensure that all major parameters are included and no time-intensive surveys are needed. 5. Optimal photo documentation of the facial area in particular seems to me an essential part of this. We should check the relevant devices offered on the market for suitability to get genuinely comparable results. My suggestion is that we request the NETWORK presenters create the conditions needed to handle this matter as it should be handled. I look forward to your reactions to my summary. Dr. Michael J. Weidmann, Augsburg


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