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48317 Drensteinfurt - Germany

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Claudia Fischer
phone: +49 - 25 08 - 21 59 - 0
fax: +49 - 25 08 - 21 59 - 111

Anna G. Keller
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Ulf Benwich / Ronja Bratsch
phone: +49 - 25 08 - 21 59 - 300


17.12.09 11:43

The first protocol is ready for use!

Dr. Weidmann and Dr. Zimmermann have presented their proposal for a common, standardized protocol at the members meeting in Bochum....more

The work of the expert group was to have a look at the known hints and studies, to compare the own standards and to develop a proposal for general Meso standards. Beside this the expert group had to work on a new concept for the education in the Meso field.
The expert group has concentrated on the treatments of Aesthetic Mesotherapy. All other treatments are part of the national ind international societies of Mesotherapy.
Up to now the protocols have been developed for the following indications:
MesoLift - skin retraction
MesoGlow - nature of skin
MesoHair - hairloss
MesoCell - Cellulite
Under construction is still the new protocol for Melasma treatments. We don't want to restrict on these indications which are part of the aesthetic field, e.G. acne could be a new indication when developed.
We would like to ask all members to contribute with their own experience to the development of the protocol. Please send us your own protocols and proposals.


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