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07.12.09 14:09

NETWORK-Lipolysis and NETWORK-AestheticMeso Members' Meeting 2009: Many New Ideas and Recommendations

The members of the NETWORK-Lipolysis still continue to work on the development of the therapy...more

Every 2 years the International Members' Meeting shows the enthusiasm and vitality of the NETWORK members' activities. To many subjects of IL therapy new suggestions have been worked out.

➢ To offer to all patients more comfort after the treatment and to reduce the side effects a small work group has analyzed the known side effects and submitted new proposals for the patients after care. Dr. Uta Schlossberger of the NETWORK's Medical Advisory Board presented the new recommendations. The up-to-now treated patients were really attracted by the new tools of our "Pain and Side Effect Management", which now are ready for use by our members.

➢ A lecture given by Dr. Moser from Austria demonstrated better effects and a reduction of the number of non responders. Dr. Moser offers to her patients since 3 years nutritional supplements of the well known product line "Fitline" and has excellent results. Fitline is mainly used by top athletes.

➢ Dr. Franz Hasengschwandtner spoke in his lecture about a new method of the use of highly unsaturated Phosphatidylcholine. Since a long time PPC is well known as a cell membrane therapeutic. Administering PPC intravenously increases the flexibility and permeability of the membranes. As it affects all cell membranes it is used for many indications which can be connected to getting older. The faculty of Anti-Aging Medicine has focused in the past on hormonal compensation and aesthetic treatments. Dr. Franz presented for the first time with his "Lipobalance Cure" a possibility to influence the cell regeneration.

➢ The new NETWORK Additive will positively increase the results of Injection-Lipolysis therapy again. A first test phase has now been finalized.

➢ Dr. Zimmermann and Dr. Weidmann presented their new protocol for Aesthetic Mesotherapy. All members of the NETWORK-AestheticMeso are now able to produce comparable results and therefore to veer away Mesotherapy from its mystic origins.
The new protocols have been presented for Mesolift, Mesoglow, Hairloss of female patients and Melasma treatments.


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