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New contact data of NETWORK

NETWORK by Post:

c/o Lichtblick GmbH
Muehlenstrasse 19
48317 Drensteinfurt - Germany

NETWORK by phone:

Claudia Fischer
phone: +49 - 25 08 - 21 59 - 0
fax: +49 - 25 08 - 21 59 - 111

Anna G. Keller
phone: +49 - 25 08 - 21 59 - 200

Ulf Benwich / Ronja Bratsch
phone: +49 - 25 08 - 21 59 - 300


31.12.16 11:44


20.06.12 18:28

M.A.S.T.E.R.-Conference 2012

A brief review...

The speakers of this year's event

18.06.12 18:21

Aesthetic Holidays 2012

A brief assessment...more

14.12.11 18:05

International Aesthetic Holidays and MASTER-Conference 2012

June 11-14, 2012
Majorca, Spain.....more

04.04.11 18:37

AMWC Monaco: 1st presentation of NETWORK protocols

Dr. Michael Weidmann, medical director of the NETWORK-AestheticMeso organization, has presented.....

10.02.11 14:09

Aesthetic Holidays 2011

Aesthetic Holidays 2011 Sharm El-Sheikh cancelled....more

06.09.10 11:36

Aesthetic Holidays 2011

3 days of aesthetic trainings in Sharm El Sheik, Egypt with international experts

17.08.10 14:25

Aesthetic Holidays

Aesthetic Holidays - Review and Preview

12.07.10 12:30

Ready-made Mixtures for Aesthetic Mesotherapy

New ready-made mixtures for aesthetic mesotherapy, in accordance with NETWORK protocol....more

01.06.10 16:41

400 000 visits on our several domains during the last 5 months

Many users like to visit our different websites...more

16.02.10 16:08

The NETWORK appoints Dra. Lilian Jessurun de Curiel, Mexico, to the Medical Advisory Board

Dra. Lilian Jessurun de Curiel will support the NETWORK creating standardized protocols for Aesthetic Mesotherapy....more

17.12.09 11:43

The first protocol is ready for use!

Dr. Weidmann and Dr. Zimmermann have presented their proposal for a common, standardized protocol at the members meeting in Bochum....more

07.12.09 14:09

NETWORK-Lipolysis and NETWORK-AestheticMeso Members' Meeting 2009: Many New Ideas and Recommendations

The members of the NETWORK-Lipolysis still continue to work on the development of the therapy...more

02.12.09 17:38

Medical Advisory Board starts to work

Beside the election of the 2 directors the members have elected the first members of the Medical Advisory Board.

30.11.09 14:54

Dr. Weidmann elected as director of the NETWORK-AestheticMeso

The NETWORK structure becomes clearer

02.11.09 16:33

MASTER-Conference: Expert commission presents the new standard protocol for Aesthetic Mesotherapy

The 2 dermatologists Dr. Michael J. Weidmann and Dr. Thomas Zimmermann have developed during the last 6 months necessary standards for Aesthetic Mesotherapy. more

13.08.09 15:30

M.A.S.T.E.R.-Conference 2009 FAT - well reputed speakers accept invitation

The M.A.S.T.E.R.-Conference 2009 FAT turns out to be a highlight of this years congress offers.....

07.08.09 13:30

M.A.S.T.E.R.-Conference 2009 FAT - Concept for the aesthetic session finalized

Here you will find a review about the aesthetic session of the Conference....

30.10.08 16:37

ASPS study: Just Paper Waste?

US patients choose non-surgical options during recession

15.07.08 12:39

US-Study: Huge Escalation for Aesthetic Treatments Forecasted

"The NETWORK is strategically good orientated", commentary from NETWORK
Speaker Dirk Brandl

27.02.07 18:03

1st German workshop held

After a test workshop last year Dr. Weidmann held his first NETWORK workshop in Germany. 11 participants showed up to work their way through the comprehensive programme. We welcome them to the NETWORK-AestheticMeso.

27.02.07 18:03

Next international workshop in May

Dr. Weidmann has volunteered to hold the first English workshop on his training concept.
Further information is given here.

18.12.06 18:02

Expert commission gets to work

The international experts on mesotherapy mentioned - Dr. Philippe Petit from France, Dr. Shirley Madhere from the USA and Dr. Michael J. Weidmann from Germany -accepted the NETWORK's invitation to join the commission.

11.12.06 18:00

1st international test workshop in London

At Dr. Palmer's suggestion the first training workshop in English was held last weekend. In the course of a real marathon effort Dr. Weidmann imparted over the course of 11 hours the major proposals on standardising 3 therapies - mesotherapy, botulinum toxin A and fillers.

09.11.06 17:59

Response from Dr. Mark Palmer,

Dear Dr. Weidmann,

To date I have always hesitated to commence mesotherapy training due to the problems you mentioned although it has been a fixed part of the agenda of many congresses for years.

31.10.06 17:57

Response from Dr. Rezai, dermatologist

Dear Dr. Weidmann,

You echo my own thoughts. As a dermatologist one is sometimes horrified at the often unscientific remarks made based merely on user experience. I have used mesotherapy for years and am wholly satisfied with the results.

27.10.06 17:54

End October 2006

Dear Dr. Weidmann,

I was very pleased to read your open letter to the NETWORK members as it shows that our NETWORK is very much on the ball and pays due regard to current challenges.

14.10.06 17:52

Open letter from Dr. Michael Weidmann to the Aesthetic NETWORK membership

Dear Aesthetic NETWORK members,

We constantly receive e-mails and telephone calls from colleagues using aesthetic mesotherapy that have brought various problems involved in using this treatment form to my attention. The points criticised are summarised below.

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