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14/03 2007


Mesotherapy was developed by Dr. Michel Pistor in France in 1950. Until a few years ago it was practised in France, South America and Spain in particular. It has gained in importance in recent years as some treatments can also be used in aesthetic medicine to benefit the skin.

The AestheticMeso NETWORK concerns itself solely with the aesthetic uses. Doctors interested in mesotherapy's non-aesthetic medicine uses should contact the national and international mesotherapy associations. In France two universities offer courses in the subject.

Dr. Philippe Petit, mesotherapy lecturer at the university of Bordeaux, has decisively influenced aesthetic mesotherapy. The NETWORK's expert commission consists of Dr. Petit, Dr. Michael J. Weidmann of Augsburg and Dr. Shirley Madhere of New York. The commission is currently drafting generally valid aesthetic mesotherapy standards.

Further information on aesthetic mesotherapy follows in logical order.

➢ Patient information

Uses, potential and limits of mesotherapeutic aesthetic therapy are summarised under this heading in a form specially intended for patients.

➢ Current discussion

The current discussion on standardised treatment methods is summarised under this heading

➢ New developments

Our proposed solutions for the problems touched on in the previous heading are to be found here.

➢ Bibliography

Few studies have as yet been published on aesthetic mesotherapy. Here's a bibliography of what there is and reference to the only book to date on aesthetic mesotherapy by Dr. Shirley Madhere of New York, a student of Dr. Petit of Bordeaux.



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