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Meso Gun

Dermatic 1

Mesotherapy treatments are normally administered with a so-called MesoGun. We have 2 different injection techniques with the gun:

Single Pulse Mode

Nappage Technique

The single pulse mode is needed to inject bigger amounts of substances into the region to be treated. The Nappage technique stimulates additional the superficial part of the dermis by a number of very quick injection shots. The NETWORK protocol recommends to treat in a combination out of both techniques.

Modern hightech compressor guns nearly work painless. In combination with special micro needles the treatment is painless. Only very pain sensitive patients need an anaesthetic cream.

The NETWORK recommends the Dermatic

Modern guns work with pressed air produced by a low noise compressor. The pressure is very high and therefore the speed of the injected needle, too.

The members love to work with the Dermatic gun because of its easy use, the small size and a modern design. You can set single pulse mode or nappage and regulate the pressure. Only the needle moves, not the whole syringe which is less painful for the patient because the vibrations of the movement are low. The sound is nearly inaudible and the patient will not be affected. What is really great is the fluidity stop. Only when the needle has moved into the front position the fluidity is pressed into the skin. The material consumption can be reduced up to 20 %.


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