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MesoLift - Lifting without a Scalpel

MesoLift Ready Made Mixture

MesoLift - the aging process of the skin has already begun, first little wrinkles occur, the skin elasticity has been reduced by the lack of Hyaluronic Acid. The well defined process will bring back partly some earlier stages of the skin. New collagen will be build, and (unchained!) Hyaluronic Acid will be injected.

Though MesoLift commonly is named as "lifting without a scalpel" - you cannot compare the results with a surgical procedure. Depending on the skin status the aesthetic doctor can choose out of a range of different therapies for skin tightening like fractional lasers, peelings and dermabrasion. MesoLift is one of them - it is nearly painless and no downtime is needed. It has no systemic side effects, just acts, where it is injected.

It is used for patients around the 50ies with stronger skin irregularities, with little wrinkles and macropores. Patients who used very often tanning beds produce a kind of leather dermis that even can be reduced by MesoLift.


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