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MesoGlow - Prevention, preservation and improvement of the skin texture

MesoGlow Ready Made Mixture

The patients of aesthetic treatments have become younger and younger during the last decade. While in earlier times mainly elder patients went to the cosmetic doctor to improve their aesthetic appeal, young patients are willing to do something today for the future. The skin teint and texture have become more and more important for these patients, wrinkles are not the No.1 of patients' needs as demonstrated by some questionnaires and evidenced based studies.

Aesthetic Mesotherapy is the sole treatment option to feed the skin with substances that are able to stretch the time interval of a good shape. These substances, e.G. vitamines, have a preventive effect for the skin. With only a few treatments per year the skin aging process can be stretched, a fresh teint can be conservated and macropores can be reduced.

To improve the skin texture with the Glow more treatment sessions are necessary at the start. The superficial skin levels will be activated for renewal and regeneration. MesoGlow also is recommended for the treatment of younger pale skin like it often is observed in smokers.

If you stay during summer time for a longer period in the sun ask your physician for a skin recover treatment in autumn.


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