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Aesthetic Mesotherapy Today

Aims: NETWORK-AestheticMeso standards developed mainly by Michael J. Weidmann, MD

During the past 10 years Aesthetic Mesotherapy has made enormous efforts. Many physicians from different faculties have contributed to this development. Todays Meso is an accepted part of the aesthetic therapy range. On the one hand Aesthetic Meso is able to reduce the speed of the aging process, if patients start early enough at an age of 28-30 with MesoGlow. On the other hand a treatment of actinic skin damage is possible with MesoLift. New protocols for hairloss and cellulite have been elaborated.

The NETWORK-AestheticMeso members have been significantly involved in the development of standardized protocols. The new protocols enable the NETWORK to compare the results, an important point to give Mesotherapy an objective basis.


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